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A smart RemindeMe bot! Ask Dupbot nicely to remind you or use the command to help you remind things!

Lots of moderation commands, and a handy mod log for the moderators.

With the !iam command, members are able to self-assign roles.

Talk to its AI function and watch it learn.

Also includes a music bot (which can play youtube playlists) and some minigames like cards against humanity.

<userid> or <role> can just be plain text(only for roles without spaces), a mention or the id.


!set log Inside the channel where logs will be stored. (should not be a public channel)

!set admin <role> Set the moderator role.

!set perm <command> <level> Change the permission level for a command. (Use !permissions to see the current permissions for each command.)

0: Disable command
1: Everyone
2: Moderators
3: Server Owner (+ Administrators)

Optional Setup

!set prefix <prefix> Set the prefix for the bot.

!set warntime <hours> Set the warntime in hours (if a user recieves 3 warnings within this time he will be kicked).

!set deleteCommands The bot will delete commands when they are invoked.

!set iamrole <role> Add roles which users can assign themself with !iam <role>.

!set maxiamroles Set the maximum of roles that users can assign themself. (-1 for Infinite)

!set music Do this command in the channel where the bot can post info about the song it's going to play.

!set voice Go inside a voice channel for this command, the bot will only join this channel and no other channels from now on.

!set ai Prevent the bot from messages that includes its name, it will only respond to sentences beginning with Dupbot,.

There are 2 ways to set a reminder, the first way is to use the !remindme command which is described in the 'Utility' tab.
The second way is a bit more unique. The bot uses NLP (natural language processing) to understand what you are saying.

For example: Dupbot, remind me to go to the store tomorrow the bot will understand that you want to "go to the store", "tomorrow".
It will add the reminder and reminds you the next day about it.

The same way you can ask it to show all your reminders by saying Dupbot, show my reminders please, this will show all your reminders
for this server (or DM). It will also add in which channel you asked it to create the reminder and when he will remind you about it.

To remove all your reminders in a server, you simply ask the bot to remove them Dupbot, remove my reminders.