Dupbit is a personal project. We like to make all kind of apps that make our life more enjoyable and easier.

We decided to share all our projects with the internet and are currently looking for beta testers. A beta key can only be obtained through an invite or by applying for it.

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Dupbit Connect (Beta testers only)

Dupbit Connect is the first serie of apps of our most active project. Then main purpose is to be able to connect all you devices together regardless of the OS.

We are trying to connect your desktop, laptop, phone, browser, tablet, ... together to make your and our life easier.

Learn more about Dupbit Connect. Open the control panel.


Dupbot is a personal project of myself (Joren Vandeweyer) on Discord. It's a multifunctional bot that can be used for moderation, fun, role managing, reminders and much more.

For more info and help about Dupbot look at the Dupbot page

Go to the dupbot page!


Calendars is a small combination tool. It combines existing calendar subscriptions whilst filtering events.

Checkout Calendars!

Future Projects

If you have a project that might fit in here, please look at the contact page and send us your request!

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